It feels like Maputo...

Once my brother Madakwene sent us an email about how some things didn't "fit" in Montreal. Things that we had always associated with poverty.

But hei, now it is my turn, today I feel like I am in Maputo, precisely in my old job (those who know me know where that is)...

It is summer time, about 75% of employees at the Norwegian Directorate of Education and Trainning are on vacation. Outside it is warm and sunny. Not veeeery warm, though. And really, before you know it is raining heavily. But for us, this is a warm sunny day. Full stop ;)

We are four people in our office. Doing almost nothing and getting paid nevertheless. I surf the web, take breaks, read a book, and even magazines, take breaks, write stories, take breaks, drink water, eat fruit (served at work. Hah, this is the difference with Maputo!)... and take some more breaks.

And from time to time answer a phone call from people can't help anyways, because those they should talk to, are on vacation.

I reminds me ofthe aparelho do estado. With or without work to do, you have to report at work. And get paid for your time. And here the paycheck is fat, compared to my old job in Maputo.

The difference here is that I can also take vacations, take a get a sick leave or something, and I will still be paid without a question...

if I didn't have my stories to write, I would consider this as wasted time...


  1. I did tell you about India style trip to Oslo, right?

    Many times I question why the hell is all that money stored when certain things could really be improved.

    But hey... it is their money, right?

  2. Hahaha, I loved that one. I could picture it right away! Why are you complaining, don't you have internet in your apartment? And... and... and... hehehe!

    It is all about priorities, lol!

  3. They will make offices and give millions to departments that are not even needed, because there are already 3 that do the same thing.


    Whilst back home. They take money and shut down the sectors that are most needed.



    Well, the bureaCRAZY must go on relentlessly.

    - Chi