shocks (1)

I want to introduce short texts about things that here are done so differently than in Maputo, that they shock me. Note that it is not necessarily bad things...

Honesty and freedom at work

  • My colleagues seem to be always taking breaks. At first it annoyed me, but they just tell insist that I have to take more and longer breaks! I definitelly have to work harder towards my integration!

  • Last tuesday I went for a job interview. I have learnt that it is ok to tell the truth at work, so when I told my colleagues that I had to leave for an interview at 11, and that I'd be back at 1330, they wished me good luck!

  • It took longer, and as I walked from the interview venue to the street, I felt the sun on my skin, the soft breeze, this lazzyness... I felt like not going back to work. I phoned work and asked if it was ok to have free the rest of the day. "Off course, Nyabetse! See you tomorrow." I need not to mention that this would be just a dream in Maputo, I would have had to make up an excuse not to return to work that day!