Hah! I had to laugh!

I did try to post it yesterday... But give me the credits or trying... It is either technology or me... Right now it seems like I may win... Never know, though.

But regarding the content of the post, Do not hold me responsible, he said it himself... Let's watch it...


  1. G-dub never ceases to amaze. This blends in nicely with all his other fabulous quotes throughout his presidency. Let's hope the USA and its voters are able to get a better "leader of the free world" this time around.

    "Wall Street got drunk!" Hahaha!

  2. By the way, if the President of the USA is in deed the leader of the free world, shouldn't we all get to vote?

  3. Oh, ya. He is the best. Somebody should publish his nonsenses in a book.
    As to his presidency of the world, I find it rather interesting. I have never understood where that comes from, honestly...