I expected a reaction regarding the now called "Hvalstadssak" (Hvalstad case), but I am so disgusted to see no reaction at all.
I tried to convince some friends to do something, as organisations, and as individuals. I must say that at a given point I was releaved to see that a to girlfriends were interested in doing something, be it a visit to the injured youngster, or a visit to the institution (Hvalstad). One of them contacted the responsible for the center, who told her that visits were not the best right now, since the place is now getting a lot of visit from the Somalian community (the boy is Somalian).

What makes me feel so helpless is the fact that by not reacting at least in public, the African Community, the Inmigrant's Organisations, polititians, and even the civil society are sending a signal of indifference and "everything is allright" to the criminals, and to the youth. Is seems like no one cares about strangers shooting a Youth center...

The system is deceiving it's citizens.

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