Insurance II.

I have taken the matters seriously.
I contacted an organization that works agains instituional discrimination, and they confirmed me that the requirements from the bank were discriminating, and as matter of fact, illegal.
I was then advised by them to contact the bank again, and make sure the requirements on the letter are correct.
The answer form the banks was that indeed, those were the requirements. And more, both parents had to be Norwegian (or lived in the country for the last 5 years), in order to be allowed to register the child!
And the last words were "We are sorry for having so tight rules".
I was then reccomended to writte a letter to an institution working for equality and agains discrimination. They deal with law implementation and irregularities. I wrote them a letter, presenting my case, and requesting their help.
Thanks to the internet, I sent the latter via email. That was just perfect, because the same day I receive a phone call from the bank. This time it was the highest responsible for insurrances at the bank! UAU!
This is the conversation:
- God afternoon!
- Goog afternoon.
- Are you Mrs Tatinguwaku?
- Yes. Who is this?
- Listen, Mrs Tatinguwaku, I am the boss for the insurrance programm in the bank. I am ringing you so that we can discuss the misunderstanding around your daughter's insurrance!
I was shocked, to say the least. But hei, I have learned my part by now, so my quick answer was:
- Thank you for phoning. However I can not talk to you. I have enrolled a lawyer, and you shall communicate with her. You shall hear from her soon. (thinking: hahahahaha!)
- Ah, ok. thank you!
Now we are just waiting.

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