DENADA - Victoria Jazz Nasjonalscene, Oslo

Some time ago, the then Nasjonal Jazzscene (Bellevue) was closed down. We though of it as a very sad event, since that was the place international jazz stars performed. And it was around the corner.
About a month ago, Børge started talking about a new national jazz house, called Victoria. So I was veru curious about it, whan as a birthday gift my inlaws offered me and my sister tickets to Victoria, to listen to a banda where my husband plays.
It is a 16 man's band called "Denada". Leaded by Helge Sunde, it is composed by fine musicians.
They had a tour London-Wien-Oslo, which was a great success (read review here) .
The concert last night was very good. I love their music, is full of energy and humour, and it sounds good. (They have an album, see review here).
Victoria jazz scene is a cozy yet spacious local, with a bar ("we" nordmenn love bars), and a very good atmosphere.
If you like jazz, and visit Oslo, remember this venue. It is located in the middle of Karl Johannsgate, in the center of town.

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