Maputo-Oslo, same day

I will just translate the tittles. I love it, I have to admit it...
Jornal Noticias, the main daily newspaper in Mozambique says:
"Biocombustíveis não ameaçam alimentos - indica estudo de bases para a elaboração de uma estratégia sobre a matéria"
"Biofuel does not represent a threat to (the availability of) food, according to a study..."
While Aftenposten.no, an online version of Norways biggest newspaper (not sure about this, though,) says:
"Britisk regjeringsrapport kritisk til biodrivstoff: Satsingen på biodrivstoff har bidratt vesentlig til prisøkningen på matvarer og har tvilsom miljøeffekt..."
"A report from the british government, is very critical to biofuel: The investiment into it has contributed significantly to the increasing of food prices, and have "suspicious" environmental effects..."
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  1. HA!

    That is hilarious.

    Actually, there is some deep politics behind all this. I think many of our (so-called) 3rd world nations want in on the bio-fuel market, it's big money, and will get even bigger some predict.

    Personally, I think one has to be mentally retarded to consider using food as a source of fuel for machines (when we have human beings who need food as fuel for their bodies).

    Also, bio-fuel is just another hoax that some corporation made up to make money. Forget bio-fuel, go electric!



  2. I "agree" with what NOTICIAS says. In Mozambique food prices are already higher than many parts. In rural areas there isnt much production. "We" are fed by international donors...so I am assuming they will not give up...And hope that "our" government will donate bio-fuel to western countries. Thats a fair exchange. Creio que o a informação do NOTICIAS faz sentido. Sentido local. Deixemos a europa e outros países desenvolvidos alimentarem os nossos camponeses...em troca daoremos esses famosos combustíveis. Faz sentido? Se não faz, então há gato! Mina andzi hlupheki...ndzi famba hi minengue ya mina...a ndzi lavi tram, ganunu, cumbi mova. Amâncio, outro irmão da M(i)elita...

  3. Meu irmão, wena, pa! Vai ver que a lógica é essa mesma, nos eh que somos uns "retardos"... like, whi really cares, a comida vem de fora! é triste!

  4. Oh no... excuse me.. isso para mim soa papo para boi dormir. Bio diesel is indeed a threat to food production. The project procana will produce Etanol right? In stead of producing what? It will use more than 70% of the water fro Limpopo irrigation sistem right? The government is actually changing its discourse. Instead of Jatrofa is now encouraging people to produce food or die hungry. I hate politics ?politicians "they" know how to trick us especially when we think we know what is going on... Com a onda dos bios os investimentos agricolas estarao dirigidos ao milho, arraz, batata?... Nickles!!!! para a jatroja... E quem disse que seremos n'os os Mozas a produzir os bios? Com o investimento vem o condicionalismo!!! Do's and Dont's... Come on minha gente let us wake up...
    Ganancia isso apenas...

  5. Let man work hard the land to give the produce to the machines and then not afford to give the produce to himself...isn't it ironic? Man is his own downfall!

  6. Nelson, I saw a documentary by the MST (Movimento dos Sem Terra), where they show the results of a few years of savage production of cane (for ethanol). The consequences for the environment are beyond understanding!

    I will say no more for now!

  7. The sad part of the story is that there members of the gov. Involved in this procana project in Gaza. They know for sure what that production can do but whi care? All we want is getting money.. Getting as much money as we can and as fast as it is possoble. Let it be ruthlessly if needed.