Finally something good!
Yesterday was the independence day of Mozambique. From the colonial power. The Portuguese "power". Not going to talk about it, though... We all know about our independence.
After work, I prepared caril de galinha de amendoim (murhu wa huku wa timanga) e arroz, and together with sister C, brother L and my other half Børge, had a cozy time eating and chatting.
The best was still to come. A friend, Cr, had invited L to a salsa club. Now, I am a salsa lover. I have been looking for a friend go salsa dancing with... You see, it is not fun to go "a bailar" alone...
So, when L tells me that he's been invited, my reaction is "you are going, and I am coming along!" hehehe...
Anyways, dancing salsa among Norwegians, and especially Cubans, was a reminder of how beautiful this is. It made me remember la rueda de casino we used to have just outside my bedroom in school!
L was dancing some kind of Mozambican steps (traditional) and marrabenta. Hilarious!
And I had a chance to help a friend remember the 1! (Chi, don't loose youre 1). Enjoyed it.
But hei, when you dance salsa you want someone to hold you strong (Haaaaii, not tight and close, please) and swing you across the room. I couldn't help, after watching the dancing crowd I went and asked a young man who I meant danced gently but sure, if he wanted to invite me to the next dance.
That was fun! It was good to swing and swing and swing. And even get lost. But hei, my one was always there!
I could have danced throught the night, I swear! But I had to leave right after mid-night. I am a working woman now, you see...
But, I am sooo going back to that club! After all, life is a party. Despite sad 25 de junhos, food and fuel prices, work next morning, etc, etc, etc.
A vida continua! Ou era a luta?...
*salsa evening/noite de salsa


  1. Feliz que te divertiste!

  2. Obrigada, minha jóia! Foi bom ter-te cá por estes dias. Beijocas

  3. Ninguém mais esta a comentar a minha ida a salsa... Invejosos!

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