Norwegians, and as far as I know, the rest of Scandinavians have the tradition of celebrating summer. In june, companies, business, schools, all sorts of institutions have a sommerfest, this is a summer party.

In my current job, where I have only worked (as a substitute) for aproximatly 2,5 months now, they have been organizing this party. I got to know this when two weeks ago I was asked by a nice lady "So, are you coming to the summer party, M?
- Well, I have not been invited, I answer.
- So strange! I will talk to the boys, they will give you details. -The boys are my two colleagues, who have been there for years, and who, as a matter of fact have trained me to this job and help me with practically everything related to work. Let us say they are my immediate superiors.

So, I do not hear any word about the party, until today, when I asked if one of the boys could help me with something right after work.

- Nei, we can not. You see, today is the day of sommerfest here! Aren't you coming?
- Well, I wasn't invited.
- Oh yes, you are. It has been sent through "fibel".
- Guys, stop joking, you both know I don't have any account on fibel. In fact, I don't even have access to fibel...

An awkward silence. And then, from one of them:
- I don't know what happened. I even asked to the organizers if it was ok to invite you and they said yes.

I left the room, and felt uncomfortable for the rest of the day.