Bizarre, to say the least!

I can not stop thinking about the news I read last night:

A young man named Benjamin Hermansen was killed at the age of 15 in 2001, just because he was not white. His mother was a Norwegian, and his father a Gambian. The murderers were sentenced to jail, where they still are (www.benjaminsminnefod.no).

But one of them is now entittled to get the amount of NOK 250 000 (around USD 50, 000) given by a late anti-immigrant woman. Her money is supposed to be given to people who work against immigration to Norway!


  1. It is not bizarre, it is beyond acceptance...

  2. Eush...

    Yeah, it doesn't surprise me anymore.

    The government can't really control what private person us their fortune for. But that no one is marching or protesting just speaks volumes of the Norwegian (white AND black) populations complacency to the whole issue.

    People forget far too soon. And they don't care until their own comfortability is in danger. That's the danger of integration into western society, there is no sense of collective here. We adopt not only western fashion, but mentality and behaviour.

    Stay strong my people.

    - Chimaobi

  3. Do they really forget? Or rather they pretend to? And somehow they learn only the lessons that simplify their lives, for instance the daily struggle for bread, leaving aside the daily struggle for freedom, liberty, right to life?

    Otherwise how can they not learn that staying strong, voting, marching can indeed contribute to the change?

  4. Chimaobi, you are absolutely right. I just wrote to the 'minnefond' to ask what they are doing to protest. Small actions move mountains. Thank you for reminding it.

  5. It scares me that we can be so indifferent.