If we do not let people know how we feel about something they will never know with accuracy about it, right? 
So, that is why I have decided to write this blog. I want to talk about the change of life, from the far south to the far north... 

Many blessings to all my sisters and brothers who are also going through a similar journey.

Love and peace.


  1. Hello there!
    I think this is a great idea. I love that I will be able to read about your experiences and who knows... maybe add a comment or two!
    Big hug and we will be in touch!
    Mae do Taiwa e do Nyengeleti

  2. Greetings Sister Matsinhe.

    I am glad to see that you are chronicling your thoughts for all of us to read.

    May the Ancestors guide your pen (or rather, your fingers on the keyboard) righteously to Enlighten us all.

    Be sure to send out e-mails when you add new chapters, I will try to check in regularly.

    Stay blessed, black and beautiful.

    - Chimaobi

  3. Khanimabo, Brother. Thanks for your support! Be blessed! Always.