What is your name? (cont)

Today, 08:05:

- Nyabeeetse! Good morning!

This is what I like about old people.


  1. I like old people too... people keep thinking the future is in youth... I believe the future is in the past! Sometimes, anyway... like when they remember your name and how kind you are to them.

  2. Heh, he finally came around.

    I respect and serve the Elders in my community. But the way Norwegian society treats it's elders makes me feel physically ill. Old homes are to me concentration camps for the parent generation rendered obsolete by the individualistic, hedonistic and materialistic offspring.

    In true european tradition, they adhere to a parasitic mode of operation rather than a collective form of existence. Alas, such is the way of the iceman.

    My Sisters, I have seen your message. As I am typing this I am in Finnland. Let's link up again when I return.

    Keep writing, loving it!

    - Chi

  3. God morning brother. Now I understand your silence. Let me know when you are back, have to discuss a new idea with you. (My brain has awoken from a 4 years long hibernation! hehehe)...

    Have a good weekend, and be blessed.