After last time's salsakveld, I had decided to make every wednesday my salsa evening. Heh, had forgotten that my life is no longer mine!
So for last night I invited a friend to come along, and two or three other friends wanted to meet at the club and also move them (hips). And relax from work. I was especially looking forward to kinda check the salsa-improvement* of one of them.
Everything is ready. The salsa outfit is taken out of the closet; High heel sandals ready; The friend is on her way;
The plan is: we will leave my place, go to a nearby restaurant to eat (we're both coming from work) and update the conversation, and off we will go to the salsa club. Ohhhhh, I need it! I am so ready!
I hear a sound of an sms coming in . I check my mobile: To my quase shock, the babysitter can't make it! I wanted to cry!
Well, I had to send my friend off with another friend. And stay home. With my sleepy beauty.
Because Life loves me, I had a cozy film to watch.
Next week I am going to salsa. This is, if I can gat a sitter for my little one.
*I find the Norwegian language is exceptionally effective on putting words together, so I guess I am learning well ;), hehehe!


  1. Oh boy! I can understand what you are saying! Fica para a proxima mesmo!
    Um abraco grande

  2. Oh, ya, you know it well, I guess!
    Eish, próxima... na verdade ja nem me atrevo! hehehe... Só mesmo se bookar duas sitters, e ver oque acontece...

    Nice pela visita. Beijinhos