A storm in Oslo!

I took my baby and left Oslo on Friday, to an coastal little town called Sandefjord, where her father has been working the whole week.
The weather was fantastic, 28 degrees, sunny and good.
Saturday started well, our plans were hitting the swimming pool, take walk in the promenade, hang around with other musician's wifes and girlfriends*, to try and catch the place's spirit and see it's people. And to work a bit, since I had to meet some deadlines today. After a while, though, it became darker and darker, as clouds mounted, and sudenly there was thick drops of rain falling. I love the rain, but we had to change our plans and stay indoors.
But, going back to Saturday I get information about how a storm is hitting Oslo. I find it strange to imagine, since I have always found the city to be too calm and quiet, almost with a grey and dull aura. At leats compared to Maputo, were despite having only two seasons, people are very familiar with storms, winds, extrem heat, heavy rains, etc ...
Back to Saturday, you know how technology works, within 1 hour there were news and pictures circulating on the internet, of a chaotic Oslo, trying to make it through the surprising storm. I got most of thews from "underskog.no" (a members only network), which is like a big family of artists, light and sound technicians, web-designers, etc.
People were describing how terrible this had been, how they had to run away from a festival, how they had been left on an island, with no transport, how trees had fallen, etc, etc.
What makes the point of this post is the comment addem by many of: "Wow! So much action! I wish we had similar things more often!"
Then I think: "er, eh... Another storm? No thank you."
You somehow realise that people don't have a challeging life. When a natural disaster is their thrill, and they indeed hope there were more, it is a case for you to ask yourself what world do they live in. I don't know. I mean, I know, Nature is always fascinating, but the consequences of it's "performances" have left some memories in my mind... I think of last years storm i Vilankulo, I think of "el niño" in Havana some years ago, I remember cheias de 2000 in Mozambique, and say "more storms? er... eh..., no thanks".
I don't want to judge people, but hey, I see things and they make me think.
* There is something quite surreal about this, we meet for meals, hang around, admire the latest people have bought, watch our husbands performam, and now, talk about our kids. Ahhhhhg, I stay in my room most of the time. Or escape unseen!

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  1. Ola!
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    Eu sou um machope também, aqui nas terras italianas. Como vai a vida ai para Noroega??

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