To be or not to be accepted

Last Friday morning I get a phone call from my bank, to remind me that they had sent me an offer for insurance for kids, that I never answered.
Ok, I say, send me the application form, I will fill it in and send it back to you guys.
And it was on the mail box last night.
I open the envelope, but because this is me, I decide to read the whole thing before I fill in whatsoever. Fine. Until I come across something like:
The applicant (this is ME), must either be 1) Nordic citizen, (which I am not, because you either er born one, or you apply to become, and on the process your resign to your own citizenship)- (nao me facam escrever sobre a antiga lei mocambicana, hehehe "mulher casada com estrangeiro perde nacionalidade, enquanto que no novo pais tinha que esperar 7 anos para obter a nacionalidade do conjuge. = 7 anos no limbo. Maquiavélico)*. Or, 2) the applicant (this is still ME) has to have lived in the mighty Norway for at least 5 years.
I am none of these two.
And I get upset. Very upset because:
1 - I did not ask the bank for the insurance, they contacted me, revealling their interest on my money. Let's be clear about it.
2- In a big brother controlled society like this, somebody should have noticed that I don't qualify for their insurance, since I have not lived in this country for long enough for my money to be money enough... Does it make sense? Don't know, since you don't have to have lived here for 5 years to pay taxes...
3- They should have saved me the whole situation, and contacted instead the father of the child, who happens to be a Norwegian citizen, who has lived all his life in the country. If it is all about being or not being, my daughter is half lucky, because although mama's money can't buy her an insurance, pappa's can. Half accepted and protected by the system, half renegated and unwanted by the same system.
My friends, I am pissed off.
*This is a reference to the ridiculous law that we had in Mozambique. A woman would automaticaly loose her Mozambicanship the moment she said "yes" to a foreigner. And then live in the limbo until the required 7 years required by Norway (for exemple) passed, so that she could apply for her husbands citizenship.


  1. What a situation! Sharp observation you make here. Clear insight on how stupid some regulations sound when you get closer enough.

  2. Brother, thank you for you comment. Mas o assunto ainda nao terminou, eu voltarei a ele assim que houver mais por contar. Bom dia para ti.