Way forward?

09:05 in the morning (dvs now), as I wonder what I am going to share with you guys today, a young African man enters my job, and asks for help.
From the moment I see him, I think "this Brother needs peace". He approaches me, and it goes more or less like:
- Go-od mor-nin-ng. (Empty look in his eyes)
- Good morning. - I though he was lost, and was to ask for directions as it happens often. Nei:
- I have applied for high school and ...
Oh my! As he talks, a known alcohol scent comes from him, and sorrounds me amicably. And I have to keep a good face, because that is what they need, someone who can treat them as people, and not see them as loosers. But I have my suspicions: these youngsters need someone who can shake them hard, and wake them up by telling and showing them what they are doing with their lives...
Especially this one, who is, after all, looking for help to do his high school studies...
Of course, all these are thoughts that I have while I listen to him, and help him the best I can, give him the directions and phone number of where he can get the info he needs.
He thanks me (o-k, ta-kk...) and leaves, taking with him his essence.
As he walks out of the buiding, I can't take my eyes off him. And I can't stop wondering what is it that is going so wrong with African Youth?
Is this the way forward for the Black People?

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