A wonderful gift

My husband has been working in Sandefjord, so I have had to take care of the baby all day long, except when I am at work. It is hard.
So it was a wonderful gift when he offered himself to bring her along to Sandefjord yesterday. By doing so, I got the unique chance of being by myself, not a wife, not a mother, just me, for at least 24 hours!
I will not pretend that I did not miss my girl, to the point where by I wanted to phone them every 30 minutes...
But it felt soooo good to be able to decide in my own tempo and according to my own agenda. I allowed myself to relax (of course I heard her voice several times. In my head, of course), and even go out with a friend. Had a glass of wine, laughed loud, had a long chat with her... nice!
As we were opening the door, when we came back from our salsa dancing (next post), I automatically made the silence sign (shhhh!...) until we both remembered that there was no one at home! We laughed, and opened a bottle of you know what!
And installed ourseves on the couch and talked nonsenses until 2am.
Now I can't wait until I am done at work (yes, I am at work now, but it is summer holidays, very little to be done), and I am going straight to the train station. I miss my two special people.
Brothers, believe me, your ladies need a day off motherhood. They will thank you and admire you more for being sensitive.


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