Church, mamma!

As I leave work, I realize rain is going to fall soon. I run, but well, it starts raining 2 blocks from home. When I turn the last corner, I nearly bump into this big african mamma. She smiles at me and I smile back. SO far it is normal, I greet many people in the streets simple because they are black, and I need a sense of belonging (yes, I know it).
This mamma says at once "hi", and I replay "hi".
-Where are you from?
Well, it is raining dogs, so I get under her umbrella.
- From Mozambique. And you?
- I am from Ghana.

As I step out of her umbrella to the rain, she goes on:

- Do you go to church?
- Not really.
-Nothing special, I fee that I Have met my spiritual path, and ...
- lets go to church. Do you see that church over there?
Well, I realize that she is pre-programmed, and doesn't really care about my reasons. So, why bother...
- Yes I see it.
-Ok, see you there on Sunday. we start 11:00, see you then!
-Oh, thank you for inviting me, but do not wait for me, I won't co...
- Ya, ok, them, 11:00, see you. See you on Sunday...

Well, I smiled and said good bye as I restarted running towards home.


  1. Well, thats a point to discuss, my sis. Next time she comes to you, please let her know that you grow up in a church, that papa is a father...and invite her to YOUR church.

  2. Indeed, my dear, it's all relative. But, hei, never say that to a church mamma!