Hvalstad case

This is one of those rare occasions when I feel that I have to give credit to the police for their work. They have detained the man who shot against the Hvalstad center (see more about the case here and here).

And despite several voices saying that the man, (a 50 years old lawyer and family father) is mentally sick, and therefore "he was not himself when he did what he did, the police mantains that his action was racially motivated, ie it was motivated by racism.

Big hand to the Asker and Bærum's police for their job.

I have to admit, I am smiling in my heart.


  1. Hallo! I have been catching up on your blog today and enjoy reading about your experiences living in Oslo. I wish I could read all of your posts but I don't speak Portuguese (I'm still struggling to learn Norwegian!). I am envious of your clear ability with languages.

    I was shocked and frightened when I read about the shooting at Hvalstad and, like you, disappointed that there wasn't more outrage by what was clearly a racially-motivated attack. I also commend the police for their efforts in finding the man responsible. Now to find out he is mentally ill... The entire case is terribly, terribly sad. I hope the young man who was shot while innocently sleeping recovers fully.

    By the way, your post about the old man in the park who raved about how Norwegian women "tease" African men with their minimal dress was very disturbing. The clash of cultures in Oslo will take a lot of hard work and caring people to make it succeed. As they've done here:

    I enjoy your blog!

  2. Thank you for your comment. I checked the link you gave me, and the news made smile! It gives hope. Have a good day.