here, there, here, there?

So, days go by, time flies, and you are still guided by the same star. Your soul wants to be somewhere else than where you are. Everything you do, you plan, you wish for, you see for your self takes you there. or is there already.
It could become a nightmare. 
I concentrate on the now, enjoyment and fullfilment of Life in the now.
Everymorning I give thanks for the present stage of my Life; I practise my piano, continue the journey of learning more by my self. I repreat, repeat and repeat. Now I also play along. But most of it, I listen, for it is the prints in the mind that will be understood.

I read a relaxed book.

And entertain my daughter. We play, we learn, we talk, we argue, we laugh and then I rest.
We cook, dare more in the kitchen, even if just for the two of us. It does not matter. We will have the best out of this life of ours.

Days pass so quickly. Sometimes we go out for a walk, to meet friends, or just to play outdoors.

When the day is over, we give thanks for each other, I read a bit more, watch some tv, and go to bed. And so I fly away to that secret place I am longing for!!!!!

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