Summer in, Girls out

So… this is the Summer, a few weeks have gone through, and I avoid thinking of the weeks ahead. Why? Simply because it has been raining cats and dogs more than 75% of the summer so far. Now tell me, where will I enjoy the sunny delicious lazy outdoor days?

I have, nevertheless been kind of active.

Girls out night:

I have a Norwegian friend. She might be my only Norwegian friend. I have explained before that I do find Norwegian people in general difficult to open up to friendship, at least to people who do not resemble them. I have done trying hard.

My friend and I are two busy people. She is busier working outside home than I; you see, she is a light technician, and works a lot in creative - and touring - projects. 

So when one day she texted me inviting me to a sort of a festival night, and since I was child free, I immediately accepted. You see, I had never been out with her, in a night adventure.

We met at a restaurant close to my old apartment, and after some food, we headed to "Cafe Mir" together with another friend of her, that I have met some years ago.

Cafe Mir was packed. With a crowd that we could say is not the one I am used to. It kinda reminded me of my times of music student, with free spirits, creators, art lovers, a few supporting parents… a wide audience, but united by the eagerness to listen with respect. I felt merging into the crowd, expectant and free, free to testify a different artistic experience, to just be another arts student, another aspiring soul, another one bitting the dust if you like.

We ordered one beer each, and accommodated ourselves as best as we managed. 
We first watched this presentation by a dancer, combined movement with words. A beautiful one woman production, that should be given the opportunity to live longer, and reach bigger venues to bigger audiences.

Then there were to acts by two gitarrists, both improvising, and playing beautifully. I felt peace and calmness. Amidst the chaotic world there were still people who did art for the sake of it. Younger people who can afford to be just free and work.
I wanted to shout to them all that they should just keep ding what the loved, with the same passion!

During the breaks, my friends and I were chit chatting. Småting - as they say in Norwegian. And having one more beer. And the head started to go in circles. I started to become lighter, and the tongue got an inch more free. We were telling stories and laughing, having a good time.

I had to sit down. I found a chair close to my friends, and threw myself on it. An older lady explained me that she was the mother of one of the evening protagonists. She was so proud of her daughters work that she could not stop talking about her. To the point that I asked myself if whether she was really proud, or if she was actually trying to convince her own self of the value of her daughter's choices. We all know that it is often difficult for parents to accept certain realities, and then they choose to protect them - in front of the world - when deep inside they suffer.
Well, I said to my own self, let the woman be - cada um com os seus problemas (2), actually why should you always see problems everywhere?

Suddenly, after she had talked to me for about 20min, she starts focusing on me. It was too good to be true, that I would just have a "normal" conversation with the lady. She asks me:

- So, you… where are your parents from? I assume you are Norwegian.
- Actually I am not Norwegian, I am from somewhere in Africa.
- … Do you understand me? - Forstår du meg? (3)
- oh, yes, I understand you, I am not so drunk. You just go ahead! (Hahahaha)

That was so awkward that I just had to get up and meet my friends and laugh about it! How come that lady asked me if I understood her the moment I told her I was not Norwegian, waaaay after we had started the conversation? That was so hilarious, we laughed and laughed and laughed. And by the way, I am smiling now as I remember the scene! Hahahaha!!!

Well, after a while, I decided to leave my companion and head home. It was a warm summer night. People laughing, talking loud, the boys selling hashish along the river, a certain chaos in town, and yet, peace in the heart…

I was so grateful I had finally managed to go out in the night with my friend and her friend, after having known her for 5 years! I realized one more time that she is a wonderful fun person I like to be around.

I came home, and with that peace in my heart I went to bed happy for thet evening.

1. Småting - pettiness - Norwegian
2. Each one with their issues - Portuguese
3. Do you understand me? - Norwegian

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